Monday, August 3, 2009

Action vs Reaction

I had to share this post I left on an Etsy forum thread this pretty much sums up my weekend...

stitchnmomma says:
Good morning Mary & everyone else! You ever heard the saying "that for every action there is a positive and equal reaction"? Well, here's mine (laugh with me as you're reading - that part is important):

This one is in reverse order - ACTION: Saturday night I took an Advil PM so I could actually get more than 4 hours of sleep (I slept 8!! - very positive)...REACTION: Slept through my dog needing out and woke up to a mess in the living room yesterday morning.

Road trip I was supposed to be on yesterday - ACTION: My teenage son (just turned 17 last weekend) that just got his license back from the court on Weds. from a speeding ticket and thinks he is such a great driver hit a curb at 40 mph and blew out the front tire on the car, bent the rim, etc. REACTION: I wasn't able to go on my girls' road trip. I was supposed to drive the 6 hours round trip and the other girl had to take her vehicle into the shop unexpectedly on Saturday also...we postponed for this coming weekend. POSITIVE: I got lots of house cleaning done and started playing around with some color options to stitch a model for one of my patterns.

But the best one is....ACTION: Feeling sorry for myself because I didn't get one stinking thing from my Freebie Friday promotion. REACTION: I came home from my dreaded 2nd job on Saturday night (after the tire blow-out fiasco) and found that I had a sale and then had another one last night before I went to bed.

Can you all see I'm still doing my happy dance???

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is thinking positive thoughts for the week ahead!! :)


  1. Hooray for the sales! You have worked very hard for them. Here's to many more!

    Too bad about the tire and postponed road trip.

  2. Love your post! I am so glad you got 2 sales after your weekend! You deserved them, that's for sure! Come stop by my blog if you would like and feel free to make a comment!