Saturday, August 29, 2015

Looking For Rainbows Cross Stitch Pattern

It's been way too long since I've had a new quote pattern for you.  In fact, more than a year!  This time around I decided to take one of my favorite Charlie Chaplin quotes and give it a pop of color that it deserves.

The quote itself is stitched in full stitches using 2 threads.  Whereas the chevron rainbow is stitched in half stitches using one thread.  I wanted a subtle look for the rainbow, just like a real one, and I think I achieved it using that technique.  As always, the gorgeous finishing was done by SnowBerry NeedleArts.

If you're interested in this design, or any of my other designs created from quotes, you can find a retailer here.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thread A Day - Wings and Things Update #1

It's been 2 weeks since my post about starting a thread a day project.  It's been going really well, and I'm actually only one day behind on it.  Here's a current photo of "Wings and Things" by Ink Circles.  Stitched on a fabric I hand-dyed myself using Weeks Dye Works in Chartreuse and Kreinik in Grape glow-in-the dark for the spider web.  I'm officially done with 1/4 of the design.

In addition to doing "Wings and Things" as a thread a day, I decided I would add the model for my "Pinwheel Halloween Quilt" as another thread a day...when I have time.  Unfortunately I'm about 5 days behind on this one.  Maybe I can make up some progress on this one over the next 2 weeks before I do my next status update.

I really like the orange on this piece.  I'm stitching mine use the overdyed alternative floss, which is "Carrot" by The Gentle Art.  I can't wait until I move onto the second pinwheel and can start stitching the the overdyed green I chose!

In other stitching notes, I'm continuing to add my already released designs to Patterns Online, which provides instant downloads.  As of today, 25 of my 43 released patterns are now available on this site. I'll continue adding another couple each week until they're all done, as well as all new designs are automatically getting uploaded.

On a personal note, I've decided I've spent too much time in the last year not being physically active enough.  As incentive to get back on the fitness wagon, I've signed up to do some charity 5k races.  I have two next month in September and another in November.  There has also been some talk with one my new friends here in Vegas about doing a half marathon next August.  Now that will be a goal to work towards!  I realized this morning how out of shape I've become when I attempted to do my 75 minute yoga DVD and after 34 minutes my arms & legs were shaking so badly I could no longer hold the poses.  It's very sad to me as I used to do that DVD 3x per week, as well as pilates, walking & weight lifting.  I WILL get back into shape, and we decided as long as I can still hold a needle in my hand, then "noodle limbs" are quite alright.  :)

I'll be back in two weeks with another thread a day update.  And hopefully before then, I'll have a new design to share with you also.  Until then...Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pinwheel Halloween Quilt Cross Stitch Pattern

Last year I released my Pinwheel Christmas Quilt design...probably the only type of quilting I'll ever have the nerve to do.  I really enjoyed it, as well as the people that participated in the SAL I did with it.  I decided I would do other themes and make it a series.  I'm happy to announce I now have the 2nd theme available...the Pinwheel Halloween Quilt.

Since quite a few people used overdyed threads on the Christmas version, I decided to give an overdyed alternative for each of the solid pinwheels.  They also happen to be the same colors I'll be using.

If you're interested in purchasing this design, or any of my other quilt themed pieces, you can find a retailer here.  

Until the next time...Happy Stitching!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Steps to Recovery for a Cross Stitch Addict

Hi, my name is Kelly and I'm a cross stitch addict.  Even though I do get lots of pieces completed, I think I'm continually starting more than I really should be.  Especially when I need to be stitching models for my new pattern designs.  I'm taking the first steps towards recovery of my addiction... 

Step #1 - Take inventory of all my WIPs.  
Oh, I started that and it was just too overwhelming!  I gave up counting when I got to 15.

Step #2 - Separate WIPs between Stitchnmomma pattern models and pieces by other designers that are "just for me".
OK, I think this one is a little more manageable, although still a little overwhelming.

Step #3 - Pick one piece that will be a "thread a day" piece
Easy enough!  I picked for my first one "Wings and Things" by Ink Circles. (See photo and more info below)

Step #4 - Complete selected thread a day piece, return to step #3 and repeat. 

I've never done a "thread a day" piece, but I think it will be an easy way to start working through my huge stash of WIPs and actually see progress while still working on getting pattern models completed.  For those of you that haven't done this either, the process is an easy one...pick a piece and stitch one strand of thread a day on it.  You're always welcome to do more, but you need to do at least one.

Recently I started "Wings and Things" by Ink Circles.  I'm stitching using Weeks Dye Works chartreuse on my Very Dark Violet (DMC #550) aida fabric.

I'm not particularly fond of stitching on 14 ct. aida, but when I finally achieved this color of fabric (after over 1 year of trying to do it) I decided I needed to keep one piece out of the batch for myself.  At the time I didn't know what I was going to stitch on it, but knew I would eventually find something.   In all honesty I had wanted to do an Ink Circles piece, but all of them I liked were too large for this piece of fabric.  Then a few weeks ago, one of the ladies I stitch with on Saturdays showed me the "Wings and Things" chart.  I knew it was THE ONE!  I flipped the package over to look at the design dimensions and was beyond thrilled that it was small enough to fit.    And because y'all know I like bright, bold colors, I chose the charteuse floss to use.

This is my progress as of yesterday, August 1st.  I have almost 1/4 of the chartreuse stitched.  For the spider web in the center I'm using Grape Glow-in-the-dark #4 braid by Kreinik.  I'm also on the hunt for a super cute spider button or charm.  If you happen to know of one, please share the info with me.  :)
(close up of stitched progress)

I'll continue stitching and will do my best to post and update every week or two.  I'll have to see how much progress is made with doing just one thread per day.

Until the next time...Happy Stitching!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lupus Walk Fundraiser Raffle

I'm sure by now many of you have seen my "Two Blessings" design.  You may or may not have also seen the blog post that tells about the meaning behind it.  There is now less than 60 days for me to raise funds for this year's Walk to End Lu?us Now that will be held on September 26th.  I decided it's time to kick it into high gear and have a fundraiser raffle for it.  

Here's the info on the prizes...

The first prize package will be a copy of my "Two Blessings" pattern, along with the floss needed to stitch it and a piece of 15" x 18" Charles Craft Gold Standard 14 ct. Fiddler's Cloth aida fabric.  Approximate value of this prize package is $20.00.

The second prize package will be a copy of all 7 of the designs currently released in my Modern Dictionary series, 3 pieces of fabric large enough to stitch most of the designs on and 3 skeins of DMC #310 floss.  Approximate value of this prize package is $55.00.

The third prize will be a new, unopened DMC color card with actual floss samples.  The pictures of the inside come from my own copy.  Approximate value of this prize is $25.00

The grand prize in this raffle will be my finished model for the "Two Blessings" design.  It is a heart-shaped wicker-type basket with my stitched design finished as the lid.  The professional finishing on this piece was lovingly completed by SnowBerry NeedleArts. Approximate value of this prize is $75.00.

So, are you interested in winning one of these prizes?  If so, keep reading for details on how the raffle will work and what you need to do to enter.

The Rules...
  2. To enter, you need to go to my fundraising page and make your donation. All money goes directly to the Greater Ohio Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America and is tax deductible.
  3. For every $5.00 you donate, you will receive one raffle "ticket" towards the drawing.  If you donate anonymously I won't be able to see your name and enter you into the raffle.  So the more you donate, the more chances you'll have to win!
  4. Only one prize will be awarded per entrant.
  5. All shipping costs will be paid for by Stitchnmomma, so the only money you need to spend is what you want to donate to a worthy cause.
  6. Entries will be accepted from July 26, 2015 through September 15, 2015.  The winners will be drawn on September 19, 2015 and will be shipped as soon as mailing addresses are confirmed.
Thank you in advance to everyone for their support in this year's walk!!  

And in case you're wondering, even though I'm no longer living in N.E. Ohio, I'm participating as a "virtual walker" and WILL be doing my 5K here in Las Vegas the same day as my sister and all her other supporters are doing in back in OH.