Friday, October 2, 2009

EBAY Retirement Sale

I'm currently having an EBAY "Retirement" Sale. I've sold on there for years, but the fees have become way too high to make any money. At the end of my sale I will officially be "retired" from doing business on that site.

If you'd like to stop by and check it out I will be listing items on an almost daily basis through 10/15/2009, with 40 currently listed as of this morning.

You can choose from clothing, AVON items, PartyLite candle items, there will be some china along with other misc. items. All great deals!! Anything that is not sold will be donated to Goodwill after the end of my sale.

My EBAY username is also STITCHNMOMMA. I've included a picture of a screenshot below if you aren't familiar with how to locate a specific seller on EBAY or you can simply click the link I've embedded with my username.

Thanks for looking and I hope you find some great deals that interest you!!


  1. Hey stitchn! I added your retirement from ebay sale on my blog. :)