Saturday, August 21, 2010


First, we need to get the list of entrants out of the way so you can see how I got the numbers for the random number generator that I'll be using for determine the winner. Because I was getting so few entries on my blog, I did open it up for people to leave comments on one specific link only on my Facebook page. Some of the entries did come from there. Please remember the rules clearly stated you must leave a comment on my blog or the one FB link for an entry into the giveaway.

1. Kippyssomature - blog follower (comment left)
2. Kippyssomature - FB fan (comment left)
3. Kippyssomature - Tweeted the giveaway (confirmed)
4. SafferyMoore - blog follower (comment left)
5. SafferyMoore - FB fan (comment left)
6. SafferyMoore - Tweeted the giveaway (confirmed)
7. SquishyProducts - blog follower (comment left)
8. SquishyProducts - FB fan (comment left)
9. Zemphira - blog follower (comment left)10. Zemphira - FB fan (comment left)
11. Purplecatscorner - blog follower (comment left)
12. Purplecatscorner - FB fan (comment left)
13. BeadyEyedMonster - blog follower (comment left)
14. BeadyEyedMonster - FB fan (comment left)
15. BeadyEyedMonster - Tweeted the giveaway (confirmed)
16. Jen - blog follower (comment left)
17. Jen - FB fan (comment left)
18. SharonKay - blog follower (comment left)
19. Bawissa - blog follower (comment left)
20. Bawissa - FB fan (comment left)
21. Veedubz - blog follower (comment left)
22. Veedubz - FB fan (comment left)
23. PurpleCatsCorner - Tweeted the giveaway (confirmed)
24. LeahJane - Tweeted the giveaway (confirmed)25. TheCountrySeam - blog follower (comment left)
26. SweetandSassyCards - blog follower (comment left)
27. SweetandSassyCards - FB fan (comment left)
28. BabyNest - blog follower (comment left)29. Teresa - purchase made (comment left)
30. Teresa - purchase made (comment left)
31. Teresa - purchase made (comment left)
32. Teresa - purchase made (comment left)
33. Teresa - purchase made (comment left)
34. SoonerDesigns - blog follower (comment left)35. SoonerDesigns - FB fan (comment left)
36. Sooner Designs - Tweeted the giveaway (confirmed)
37. Emma/SovereignSea - blog follower (comment left on FB)
38. ExperienceDesigns - Tweeted the giveaway (confirmed)
39. Rachel Riches - FB fan (comment left on FB)
40. Noelle Sousa - FB fan (comment left on FB)41. Lissa Mersnik - FB fan (comment left on FB)
42. Cilicia Steidl - FB Fan (comment left on FB)
43. Lou Back - FB Fan (comment left on FB)
44. Emma/SovereignSea - FB fan (comment left on FB)45. Kristi Mott - FB fan (comment left on FB)
46. April Wallace - FB fan (comment left on FB)
47. Shaza Mc - FB fan (comment left on FB)

So those are all the entries. Now for the random number generator. And the winner is......

drum roll please.........

#21 - Veedubz - congratulations!!!! I'll be sending you an email shortly with details on how to claim your $20.00 shop credit.


  1. congrats Vee ;)..I was so

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