Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Reality Check

As I'm becoming more involved with online cross stitch groups, I see more ladies posting comments about how they'd like to have their own business.  As you all know, this is my dream also.  I DO already have a cross stitch business, but I would love for it to be my sole source of income and my ONLY full-time job (because I do have another one...the one that pays the bills).

Thinking about this this morning I decided it was time for a reality check, not only for me but for all these other ladies also, to put things into perspective.

As a single woman supporting a household and maintain my same standard of living (which is not extravagant and currently paycheck-to-paycheck) I determined at my current pricing I would need to sell the following:

500+ cross stitch patterns PER MONTH
375+ piece of hand-dyed fabric PER MONTH
1,000+ sets of buttons PER MONTH
various combinations of any or all of the above

Running a business I've already figured my supply costs along with fees to Etsy, PayPal, etc.   But what you really don't think about when you're all excited about being able to have your passion as your sole source of income...you'll no longer have employer sponsored health insurance (much cheaper than buying your own), you'll no longer have a 401k with employer matches, you will now be responsible for paying 100% the taxes your employer pays (social security at 100%, unemployment taxes, etc.).

So, how many of you are totally depressed now that your dream may never be your reality?  NOT ME!  I will NEVER give up on my dreams.  One of the things I did when I started making "lifestyle changes" about 2 years ago is got my one and only tattoo...Vivi Con Passione...live with passion.  Cross stitch is my passion and even if I never get to have it be my sole source of income it will always be a source of happiness in my life.


  1. Very well put! I love making things by hand, but there's no way I could ever do it quick enough (or well enough, LOL) to make a living from it. My current plan is to spend the winter/spring/summer making things like doll quilts, doll scarves & hats, little knitted purses, etc -- and then maybe have a big sale late summer, like a garage sale, but a craft sale. That way I get to enjoy making it and hopefully it will still make a bit of cash... which I will promptly spend on... more craft stash...

  2. Sounds like a great plan Kath! I'm looking forward to seeing pics posted of all your creations.

    And yeah, I do the same thing too...extra $ buys MORE craft stash...lol!

  3. Well put Kelly. Really. It is a bit of an eye opener to realize just how much a person has to sell, let alone how much time it would take to actually MAKE all that stuff to sell.

    Did you know there are only 2 people on Etsy selling hand dyed Aida? Of those two, you're the only one selling solid colors. Well done there.. finding that niche and filling it so nicely!

  4. Thanks Jen!
    Yeah, I've been keeping an eye out to see who else is doing it. I'm sure it won't be long and others will be jumping on the band wagon. That's how it usually works. :)