Monday, December 17, 2012

Put Some Sparkle in Your Stitching

I know many stitchers say they don't like working with metallics.  Me?  Well I absolutely love them!!  I've worked with several brands over the years and have decided Kreinik Metallics are my absolute favorite!  They may be a little more expensive than some of the others, but I think they're well worth the price.

While I was a recently checking out a LNS that was new to me, I picked up a couple of spools of Kreinik #12 Tapestry Braid in a beautiful color of Aquamarine (color #684). When I brought it home and showed it to my son along with the bright green fabric I wanted to stitch something on, he wrinkled up his nose and told me he didn't like it together.  He proceeded to explain to me that he thought I should use black fabric with the metallic braid (this coming from a 20-year-old that doesn't stitch).  Well, I hate to say it, but he was right.

I ended up going with the black fabric, and even decided to use it on a completely different project.  This is a picture of the model I'm currently working on for my latest silhouette pattern...a cat.

I'm stitching using what is referred to as "tent stitching" or the "half stitch technique" in cross stitch.  Or for others, you may want to just refer to it as needlepoint, because it's basically the same as the "continental stitch" that is used in the form of needlework.  You can read more about those stitch descriptions in a previous Tips & Techniques post here.  

This piece has been a relatively quick stitch.  Unfortunately the 2 spools I bought won't be enough, so I'll have to find time in the next day or two to get back out to that LNS and pick up some more metallics so I can finish it off.

How do you feel about metallics?  Do you like stitching with them?  Have you ever used them for an entire piece, or just the blending filaments to compliment the other flosses?  I'd love to hear how you've used metallics in the past!  :)


  1. I put the loop end through the needle eye, then pull the floss ends through the loop, so the thread is anchored onto the needle. This way the metallic floss doesn't slip out of the needle all the time! For everything else, I use the loop start method with the ends through the needle and the loop at the end instead.

    1. That's a great technique Debbie! I don't have to worry about the floss slipping out with this one. Since it's a #12 tapestry braid it's really thick. In fact I broke my needle threader the other night, lol!