Sunday, June 9, 2013

Old Ragged Threads

As many years as I've been stitching and I've NEVER had an ORT (old ragged threads) Jar.  I always have a coaster with an edge to it that I put my threads in and then empty it into the trash each night.  A couple of weeks ago I thought it would be fun to do one and see how quickly I can fill it up and all the different colors that will be in it.

The search was on!  I was scouring my house looking for a jar that would be just right.  It was then I realized I had NO empty jars sitting around anywhere that could be used.  Since I tend to be an impatient person once I have an idea in my head, I decided I needed to just go buy one.  Off to the dollar store I went.  Gotta love a store that EVERYTHING in it is only $1.00.  And oh darn, it just happens to be right next to Hobby Lobby, which is in the plaza right next to my job #2, so there was really no excuse for me not being able to get to both stores for some shopping.  *giggles*.

Here is the jar I bought.  It is about 4"x4"x4". 

I started collecting threads in it on May 25th.  I have no idea how long it will take to fill, but I'll keep you posted with occasional pictures along the way.

Do you have an ORT Jar?  If so, how long does it take you to fill yours?  What do you do with your threads once it's filled?  Feel free to share, as I'd love to hear your stories.  :)

Editor's Note:  I had people start sending me pics of their jars after I published this post, so I started an album on Facebook.  You can see them here:  You can also send me your picture if you want to have it included.  It's sort of neat to see the different jars people use and what's in them.  :)


  1. I have an ORT jar and it's lovely to look at nestled among my button jars. :) Did you know that ort is a scrap or morsel of food left at a meal? I think it's neat that the word itself has become an acronym meaning just about the same thing. :D

    1. Every time I hear ORT I instantly think of LOTR, lol! Don't ask me why. I must just be strange like that. :)

  2. I don't like bobbins, so I keep my working floss in individual ziptop snack baggies. If I have a section of thread that is long enough to stitch a bit with, I'll keep it in the baggie. You never know when you'll just need enough for a few stitches. If it's too short to stitch with, I toss it. I stitch a lot, but I think that if I saved my teeny tiny thread ends, it would take quite a while to fill a jar (depending on the size I guess).

    I have seen knitters and crocheters leave their yarn scraps in various places outside in the spring. Birds will take the scraps to help build their nests. Maybe you could do the same with your floss scraps.

    1. I save my threads also that are large enough to do some additional stitching with. I won't keep my ort jar forever. I'll see how long it takes me to fill it up, just for the heck of it, and then I'll dump it all and reuse the jar for something. :)