Friday, October 3, 2014

Resurrection Of The Newsletter

I know I've been pretty quiet on here for the past several months.  I had been doing so well with my blogging, and then the house move came along.  The move went smoothly and I got into the groove of spending less time on the computer and more time stitching, reading & trying to have an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Recently I've received several requests for not only more blog posts updating what is going on in my stitching world, but to also bring back my newsletter that featured all new pattern releases and VIP discounts.  You know how the saying goes...ask and ye shall receive!

So, with that being said, if you're not already signed up to receive the newsletter, and would like to get it, just click this link and provide the few tidbits of information requested.   A new issue will be out soon along with an update here on my blog of all my WIPs and finishes over the past months.

Happy Stitching!

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