Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Stitching Retreat in Las Vegas

Last Sunday was a beautiful day.  Not only was it warm and sunny, which is the norm here in Vegas, but it was my first "outing" with people other than coworkers.  There are two stitching retreats in Vegas each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  This past weekend was the Spring retreat.

There are no designers or classes at the retreats.  It's basically just a room full of ladies (and one man) working on whatever they want to stitch on for the day. To me it's more like a "stitch-in", especially given the fact the "retreat" is only 7 hours long.  Either way, it was a great day!

I got to enjoy views like this at the golf club where it was held:

And we received a free kit to make this:
It' not quite my "style" so it may end up in my stash and eventually go to a new loving home as part of a giveaway prize.

The biggest dilemma I had for the day was what piece to take to stitch on.  I'm always hesitant to take new designs with me places, as I've had a design "stolen" before where another stitcher basically copied what I was doing and released her own version of it before I did.  Big lesson there!  Sorry, I digress.  

Anyway, I decided it was time I pulled my Pinwheel Christmas Quilt back out. 

When I took it with me Sunday morning I had all of the solid green in the bottom left pinwheel was done.  During the retreat I worked on what will be the gingham pinwheels.  Not a lot of stitching for 7 hours, but there was so much to do...walk around and look at what people were stitching on, look at the displays of finished items, eat lunch, get lots of tips on places I should go check out (I had to tell a few of them more than once I had only been in town less than 3 weeks when they kept looking at me in dismay that I hadn't been to this place or that and didn't know all the quilting stores yet, LOL), and socializing with some lovely tablemates that I hope to call friends down the road.

I've decided this will be a "chill" weekend.  I'm going to Stitchers Paradise later to see about getting some fabric for a new series I'll be designing.  And I'm going to the library to get my library card.  Yay!  There is an art gallery in my local library (which by the way is HUGE!) so I'll check out the current exhibit while I'm there too.  
My stitching project for the weekend will be to finish the last 25% of my latest dog silhouette (yes, you can see a portion of it in the picture above) and get that released to my wholesaler, and then a little work on the PCQ.  

I should also have the next Modern Dictionary piece released soon, as it's currently off at the finishers getting some custom touches & the photography done.  Until then...Happy Stitching!


  1. Sounds like a great time. I wish my city did things like that. We've some great stores but not a lot of activities really.

    I love the give away, very pretty and fab idea to regift. I've done that too with ones that aren't me.

    Excited about your new patterns as always. I've organized my stash and even have a Kelly Meyers section, lol.

    1. As big as Las Vegas is, there is only one stitching store. I've heard rumors about another one that recently opened, so I'll have try to find it and check it out. And the "retreat" is actually organized by ladies that have nothing to do with the store. The store will help promote it, and donates gift certificates for door prizes, but that's it. And unlike my store back home, this one doesn't do anything with classes, evening or weekend fun stitching events at the store, etc.

      I always regift things I get that aren't me. Better to give them away than throw them away.

      Aww, I feel honored I have my own section!! :)

  2. Sounds like a great time! I'm glad you're settling in well.

    I think your free gift is gorgeous! Who was the designer and where can I get one? :-)

    1. It was designed by one of the ladies that helped coordinate the retreat, specifically for the retreat, so it won't be available for sale anywhere. Just keep watching here for when it goes up as part of a giveaway. :)