Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1st Sale on my Etsy store!!!

Woo Hoo! It only took me 3 months, but I finally made my first sale on my Etsy online store yesterday!! I've sold many of my patterns on ebay, but their fees have gotten so high I decided I needed to look for another avenue. With my ebay feedback score & history, I never thought it would take so long for my first sale.

The best part is, it was my newest piece I just finished stitching 2-1/2 weeks ago. I've included a picture of it for everyone to see. I've also pasted a portion of the e-mail message I received from the buyer. It really made me feel good!!
"...I am getting back into cross stitching to add different dimensions to my quilts. So this will be incorporated into a future quilt. I just didn't want to have everything I stitched framed on a wall. But the idea of incorporating them into quilt and memory collages has much more appeal for me now. Thank you so much for your great designs. I really looked hard for a great sun. I don't know if you ever watch the Sunday Morning Show, but they always feature great suns that are creative and fun. I've always loved them...Yours has a flavor of those, but better."
Thanks for sharing my joy with me! Hopefully I'll have many more success stories to share with everyone.
Till next time...Happy Stitching!

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