Thursday, June 18, 2009

Help Pick My Next Pattern

I'm currently undecided on which project to tackle as my next pattern (after I finish "Radiant Rose") that will go up for sale on my Etsy online store. So I thought I would take it to you, my customers, and let you decide which one you would like to see available soon.

Simply post a comment on this blog and give me your vote as to which of the below pictures you would like for me create a pattern from (and kit)...PURPLE PANSIES, WHITE TULIPS or COLORFUL CELTIC CROSS.


  1. I like the clean crisp lines of the tulips.
    Not to mention that it is my favorite flower.

  2. I love the white tulips as well. The white and green are quite beautiful!
    If you are looking for yarn, I might have some in my etsy shop that you would like.

  3. I love the white tulips & have a few stitchin friends I'm pointing in your direction.