Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vegas Trip - Day 1

As many of you may know I took a trip last weekend to Las Vegas. Not only was it my first time in Vegas, it was my first ever "Girls Trip"!!! No kids & no husbands...and we had a blast!!!

We decided if we were going to have a wild weekend we should start it out right...drinks on the plane starting at 9:30am as soon as the first beverage cart came around. I must say, I think it has been about 20 years since I had a drink that early in the morning. Thankfully the sensible mom in me made sure I had breakfast at the airport. I'm not too keen on flying, but it was a great flight and the smoothest landing I've ever experienced. Thanks to the great pilots, whoever you are!

We had scheduled shuttle transportation, but didn't end up needing it as our old boss (who recently purchased his own restaurant franchise in Las Vegas) picked us up from the airport.

First stop...Firefly* Tapas Kitchen and Bar. That was another first for me. The food was awesome and the 2 pitchers of Sangria weren't too shabby either. Found out I rather like the Sparkling Peach Sangria...I think I know what I'll be making this summer.

After spending a couple of hours at the restaurant it was time to check in at the hotel. We got great rates at The Flamingo. Even though it's one of the older hotels, it's centrally located on The Strip and when you're only there to shower and 3-4 hours of sleep a night, who needs a fancy hotel room?!

Unfortunately it rained the entire weekend, so I don't have near as many pictures as I'd like and some of them are a little dreary. And no, I'm sure some of you will be asking...we did NOT go see the Donny & Marie show!

Even though it was raining, we're in Vegas and there was lots to do. We took advantage of some girl time to stroll The Strip and see some of the great casinos/resorts along with doing some window shopping at places we could never dream of being able to afford!

One of the items on our "must see" list was The Venetian. Since Italy is not only my dream spot on where to vacation, but where I want to live, we figured it would be as close as we were going to get for awhile. It amazes me how several of the resorts are designed to look like you are outdoors of whatever city they are representing (Venice, Paris, Rome, etc.). And what is a trip to Venice without a gondola ride on the canal??? (thought I'd have a little fun with this photo since I really HATE having my picture taken and use the cartoon feature on my camera).

After a quick trip back to the hotel room for dry clothes (it was down pouring by the time we came out of The Venetian) and a quick power nap it was out on the town for the night. We were able to catch the tail end of the fountain show at The Bellagio, went to Paris for dinner (at an Italian and then spent quite a bit of time in the piano bar. Let me tell you the guys playing those dueling pianos were awesome!!! They perform there every Friday night. I just wish it were local, as I would go see them often!My first attempt at adding video to my blog has failed. I'll try again and hopefully I'll be able to share the video of the fountain show at the Bellagio.

That is all I'm willing to share of Day 1 in Vegas, because we all know the saying..."What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!".

Stay tuned for Vegas Trip - Day 2.


  1. Wow! I must be a great travel! The pics are amazing!

  2. How exciting! It sounds like you have a wonderful time!

  3. Sounds like you had fun!!! :) I would love to go to vegas sometime!!! If you end up moving there and I go we will have to meet!!!