Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life is a Circus!

Some of you may know I sell some of my hand-stitched items in a couple galleries.  One that is local to me, The Good Goat Gallery, kicked off their "Life is a Circus" show yesterday.  Thankfully I was off work from job #2 in time that I could actually make it up there.  There are so many cool items, with everything from paintings to jewelry, knitted & crocheted pieces and everything in between.  There is also a wide range on prices, so everyone can find something within their budget.

While I was there I decided to take a few pics to share with you.  

 The outside of the gallery

 The welcome sign outside the gallery

 Some of the art inside the gallery

More art inside the gallery

More art that is something other than paintings

I just LOVE this painting by Jane Reynolds!

 A huge paper mache (I think) goat that sits in the front window

 I was walking around checking things out and found one of my own necklaces on display :)

This is Nancy that owns the gallery, all dressed up for the circus themed event.  You can see a large selection of the art available for sale around & behind her.

Needless to say, the hours I've been working with jobs #1 and #2 and all the custom orders for Stitchnmomma (THANK YOU!!!) has left me a little tired (OK, a LOT tired).  I was cruising along and completely missed my exit to head South toward Akron.  I ended up taking an extra drive along I-90 East and went past Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians.  Figured I had to take a pic to share in this post, lol!

If you're local to N.E. Ohio, or even interested in making a short road trip from another area, the "Life is a Circus" show runs through June 22nd, so stop in and check it out.  Here's the details.  :)

Oh yeah, and if you can't make it in time for this show, she already has 2 more planned, both with equally fun themes.  And yes, I WILL have new pieces stitched specifically for those.  

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