Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fun, Trivia & a "Giveaway"

Since it's Friday I thought I'd have a little trivia fun and tie it in with a coupon code giveaway.  I was going to do it on my Facebook page, but they have all kinds of stupid rules about giveaways, so I thought I'd do it here.  If you're interested in possibly "winning" a SUPER SECRET code for 40% OFF your next purchase from my Etsy shop, keep reading.

OK, here's the details for this little trivia contest...

  • The first 3 people that provide the correct answer will receive a coupon code for the above mentioned discount.
  • Your answer will need to be emailed to so that I have a way to contact you back with the code (if you are a winner).
  • If you're not going to use the coupon code, I kindly ask that you don't enter this particular giveaway so that someone else that wants it has a chance to win.  Thank you!  :) 
  • I'll email the winners later in the day (please be patient as I will be at work while this little "contest" is going on) and they will be announced publicly on another post Saturday morning. you want to know what the trivia question is?  I'm going to make it an easy one for this particular contest (further contests will have more difficult questions).  And the question is....

What was the very first item I sold in my Etsy shop and on what date?

Ready, set, go!

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