Saturday, August 3, 2013

My First Fashion Show

Anyone that really *knows* me, knows that I'm not one to be into fashion.  I tend to stay with more classic looks than worry about what the latest trends are.  I rarely ever wear makeup and don't worry too much about what people think.  When I leave the house I'm neat, clean & presentable.  So with that said, where is the last place you'd expect me to go?  Yep...a fashion show.

One of the few advantages of living in N.E. Ohio is the number of hall of fame museums that are within a 30-45 minute drive of my house.  One of those is the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.  I've made one trip there over the years and that was probably close to 10 years ago now when I took my son & nephew for a day trip on Spring Break from school.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame festivities is a HUGE event for Canton each year.  This year they are celebrating their Golden Anniversary and there are 19 different events over a 2-1/2 week period of time.  The owner of the company at my job number 1 is from the Canton area and for years has bought tickets to the events.  This is where the fashion show comes in.  The ladies in the office get to take off 2/3 of the day to attend the luncheon and fashion show while the men get to attend the evening cocktail hour and Enshrinee's Gold Jacket Dinner.  Personally, being a football fan and not a fan of fashion, I'd much rather attend that!

I digress, back to the fashion show.  I attended with the other lady from my office and two of her friends.  It was nice to get in some "girl time" where I could actually spend some time just chatting (one of the downsides of 80 hour work weeks is not much social time).  There food served at the luncheon was yummy (pork tenderloin with a steamed veggie mix and a to-die-for HUGE red velvet cupcake).  The fashion show was also pretty neat.  I was more into the performances than the fashion.  Shocking, huh? 

For me, the pest part of the entire day was seeing the University of Akron Brazilian Percussion Ensemble perform during the show.  If you start watching the video that I linked to at about the 3-minute mark, you'll get a taste of what I saw.  The group that performed was smaller and dancing about all over the stage.  It was fantastic!!

Once the event was over we were allowed to go home and not have to go back to the office.  The ladies went out and I chose to go home with the intention of taking a nap as I was scheduled to work until 12:30am at job #2.  Driving home I changed my mind.  I ended up changing clothes and doing one of my walking routes I have.  I chose my 3.22 mile route that has a 75.46 ft. elevation change and got a new personal best time of 49 minutes!  I'll share more of that in a future post.  :)

In closing, event though it's something I've never really wanted to do, I can now say I've attended a "real" fashion show.


  1. Good for you!!! What a most wonderful day you had!

  2. Good for you! What a fantastic day you had!