Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thread-A-Day - Tribal Shamrock Update #2

I've been quite the busy beaver with my stitching the last couple weeks and am happy to say I've kept current with my thread-a-day stitching.  I missed 3 days, but only because I realized I was off by one thread on my fabric and had to do some "reverse stitching", which I didn't want to try and rush in the mornings before work.  I saved that for the weekend while I was at a stitch-in, picked it all out and then caught back up to where I should have been.

This is my progress as of this morning.  I'm probably about 60-65% done with the design.

In other stitching news, as mentioned above, I was at a stitch-in near Death Valley again last weekend.  As usual, it was a great time with good company, lots of laughs and plenty of stitching going on.

I finished the November/December pincushions and shipped those off this week for finishing.  I'm expecting to have the chart released in the next week or so.

I've also been treating my next silhouette design as a thread-a-day.  It's also currently in the 60-65% range of being done.  

And because you can never take too many projects with you to a stitch-in, I decided to take along my Pinwheel Halloween Quilt.  Unfortunately I haven't given it any love since the middle of August.  :(  After finishing my pincushions, I decided to give myself a week off before I started any real serious stitching on my next design model, which means I've put a few extra stitches in the PHQ.  This is my progress as of this morning.

Not a ton done, but I have started on the first green & purple pinwheel, along with some stitches on the black border.  I'll try to get some of the non-solid colored pinwheel segments done prior to posting my next update on it.

I've also made the decision, in an effort to keep my stitching more relaxed and not feeling quite so much like work, that all new design releases will be done on the 1st and 15th of each month.  If something isn't done for a release date I'm not going to stress over it and will just have it ready for the next one.  Hopefully that will also allow you, my awesome fans, know when to expect to see new designs.

With all that being said, and my relaxation week of reading, TV watching and casual stitching over, it's time for me to start charting my next design and get busy stitching the model.

And if you happen to be stitching any of my designs, and are on Facebook, please feel free to join our group there to share photos, chat, etc.  

Until the next time...Happy Stitching!

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  1. Sorry to hear the frogs had to visit you but you've still made good progress nonetheless. Love the pinwheel colours too. :)