Sunday, November 8, 2015

Thread-A-Day - Tribal Shamrock Update #1

Unfortunately as a designer I will probably never be as popular as Lizzie Kate, Nora Corbett, Joan Elliott, Ursula Michaels and many other greats.  With that being said I've decided I need to quit putting so much pressure on myself to keep up with them (I do have to work a full-time job and all to pay the bills).  Since I've forced myself to face that realization, I've decided I need more "balance" in my stitching life.  And if I haven't said it already, I must tell you that going to a thread-a-day piece has been one of the best things for my stitching life I've done in a long, long time!  It feels great to know I've given myself permission to quit worrying about cranking out new designs as quickly as I can and just to enjoy the stitching I'm doing.  Not only am I enjoying the pieces I'm stitching for myself, but I'm enjoying the design models I'm stitching much more also.  They no longer feel quite so much like "work".

I started my Tribal Shamrock 20 days ago, and haven't missed a day yet!  As you can see from this picture, it's coming along quite nicely.

I'm more than 25% done and am loving every minute I get to stitch on it.  If I stay on track, this should be done well before the end of the year and I can move along to my next thread-a-day project.  :)

In other stitching news, the November Patchwork Pincushion is complete and the December is about 60% stitched.  I'm hoping to have in done in the next day or so and get those shipped off for finishing and the pattern release.  I'm also about 33% done with the next dog silhouette.

So, since I went out and walked a Veteran's Day 5k this morning (hills included) without the use of my knee brace, I think I'll walk myself back to my recliner and get on with my stitching. 

Until the next time...Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the fabric you are doing this on!

  2. Sounds like you've sorted out your life balance quite well. I hope you find pleasure in all your stitching now that you can work on various pieces simultaneously. :)