Monday, October 26, 2015

Thread-A-Day - Tribal Shamrock

As discussed in the post for the "Wings and Things" finish, I'm really enjoying this thread-a-day concept.  I 'm devoting a little bit of stitching time for projects that aren't my design models and still getting plenty of stitching time on the "work" pieces.  I'm finding as I'm stitching on one piece I'm already planning out what can be my future thread-a-day projects.  And this is a really good thing since I've just put myself on a STS diet!

When I was about half done with "Wings and Things" I already new that Tribal Shamrock would be my next piece.  I've had the pattern and floss in my stash for several years.  And I figured some fabric I purchased in one of the sales this summer would be the perfect piece to use.  This is what I'm starting with:

  • Design - "Tribal Shamrock" by While Willow Stitching
  • Fabric - "Jungle Boogie" by Silk Weaver Fabrics
  • Floss - "Forest Glade" by The Gentle Art

Since I'm trying hard to be good to myself with my stitching, I didn't let any moss grow under my feet on my next start.  I finished "Wings and Things" on Monday, October 19th and immediately started "Tribal Shamrock" the next day.  So far I haven't missed a day.  Here's my progress through Sunday, October 25th:

I love watching it coming together and so far it's been a joy to work on.  I just have to remind myself it's a "thread a day" and I'm not allowed to keep working on it when I should be stitching on design models.

I'll share another update on it in about 2 weeks.  Until then...Happy Stitching! :)


  1. Wonderful start! This pattern is so pretty, and the fabric is fabulous!

  2. Beatiful chart love love the fabric

    1. Thank you! It's been a joy to stitch. I've posted one update already and will be posting another on my progress this coming Sunday.

      I bought the fabric online from Silkweaver Fabrics. It was the first purchase I made from them and I'm really pleased with it. I'm looking forward to working through my stash so I can earn some "credits" to buy some more pieces from them. :)