Monday, October 19, 2015

Thread-A-Day - Wings and Things - THE FINISH!

OMG!  Can I just say how excited I am to actually stitch AND finish a piece that isn't one of my design models and is just something I stitched strictly "because I wanted to"?!?!  Now, please don't take that the wrong way that I don't like designing and stitching my models, because I absolutely do, or else I wouldn't be doing it.  In all honesty though, it has been YEARS and YEARS since I've done something just for me.

So, since the title gave it away...drum roll please....

Let me proudly present, my "Wings and Things" finish!!!

Some of you may be looking at it thinking the colors are just all wrong.  Well, again, this piece was for me, and I absolutely love color!  And purple and green together are great Halloween colors, right?

I personally think it turned out to be a great mix of cross stitch companies:

  • chart by Ink Circles
  • chartreuse floss by Weeks Dye Works
  • glow-in-the-dark braid for the web by Kreinik
  • spider charm by Lizzie Kate
  • fabric by Stitchnmomma
And in case you're reading and saying "what spider charm?", here's a close up of it:

Now, I just need to get it framed and give it a place of honor on my walls.  I'm personally thinking a brushed silver/pewter frame, but we'll see what happens.  We all know how ideas can change.

I'm going to continue with my thread-a-day projects, as it's been so much fun stitching for myself again.  I also feel like it's bringing more joy to stitching my model designs, as those aren't quite feeling so much like "work" the past few weeks.  My next project will be my "Tribal Shamrock" by White Willow Stitching.  That will also be a great mix that will include fabric by Silkweaver Fabrics and floss by The Gentle Arts.  I'll share update #1 on that piece in the next two weeks or so.

Thanks so much for going on my little thread-a-day journeys with me.   And until the next time...Happy Stitching!