Sunday, October 4, 2015

Thread-A-Day - Wings and Things Update #3

My stitching time over the past couple of weeks has been sporadic.  I have days that I get home from work and don't even want to touch my stitching, and would rather lounge in my recliner with a good book.  Then I have days that I'm doing other things and am not at home to be with my stitching.  However, the days that I DO stitch, I'm truly enjoying them!  There's nothing worse than stitching because you feel like you should be doing it, but you're no into it.

So, sadly to say, I'm still technically about 4 weeks behind where I should be (if I were doing a thread a day), but at least I'm making progress.  I'm now officially past the half-way point.  Woohoo!  And to think if I were sticking my my schedule, I'd be about finished by now. 

Since I am behind, I've been taking this piece with me to my stitching groups to use that time to try and catch up.  I've been getting plenty of compliments on the color scheme I'm using, and others are looking forward to seeing it finished.  And, I'm still on the hunt for the right spider charm/button to use on it.  

For those of you that might be seeing this piece for the first time, I'm using Weeks Dye Works "Chartreuse" and Kreinik "Grape" Glow-in-the-Dark #4 braid on a piece of Ultra Dark Violet 14 ct aida that I hand-dyed myself a couple of years ago.

I'm feeling rather inspired today with all my stitching, so enough chit-chat and time to get back to it.  Until the next time...Happy Stitching!

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