Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Weekend Stitch-In and "Wings and Things" Update #2

This past weekend I attended a weekend stitch-in with some of the ladies from the local EGA chapter I joined when I moved to Las Vegas.  It's held in the "middle of nowhere" on the edge of Death Valley, in a town I had not only never been to before, but had never heard of (Amargosa, NV).  I figured why not go and have a good time.  Lots of stitching was done, and it was a nice place with great views.  I thought I'd share a few of the pics I took with everyone.

This is the view I had from my seat.  The seat was nowhere near as comfortable as my recliner at home, but the view was 10x better, LOL!

 A neat cloud formation over the mountains
This is the pond out back that we could see from the veranda.  They call it a "lake".  Lots of ducks around the pond area all the time, including a really cool black & white one that I really should have taken a picture of.

The other portion of the pond.  The owner of the casino likes to collect antiques from the earlier days when it was a big mining town and was being settled, so you'll see those scattered throughout the property.  There are quite a few interesting ones around the pond area.

I've never been to California, so on Sunday morning when I was walking with one of the other ladies before breakfast, we decided to walk to CA so I could have my picture taken.  And we did walk past the sign just to make sure I was officially in CA.  And you're probably thinking "she WALKED to California?!".  Well, let me share a little secret with you...the casino we were at is less than one block from the CA border.  In fact, you can see the sign I'm standing at from the room we were stitching in.

A couple of pics of the view we had on our morning walk.  It was soooooo much better than the views of gym equipment and 2 flat screen TVs I get on the treadmill at my apartment complex!!  And surprisingly it was a "cool" morning, so the fresh air was a nice change of pace.

And yes, stitching was done.  I'm actually running behind on my stitching.  I've been extremely busy with life the last few weeks (including a trip back to OH over Labor Day weekend to see my son and his girls), and my hand and wrist have been giving me some problems.  My Labor Day trip was a great time to give my body a rest and let some healing occur so stitching can happen without pain.

While I was at the stitch-in, I finished the September/October Patchwork Pincushion models (they're already in transit to SnowBerry NeedleArts for finishing), started my next silhouette model and got some stitching done on my "Wings and Things" piece.

As you know, "Wings and Things" is supposed to be my thread a day piece.  Unfortunately that hasn't been happening.  I have been keeping track of my days though, and was able to do some catch up while I was there.  As of this morning, I'm officially 3 weeks behind, so it will now become two threads a day until I catch up.  I'll post another update for you in about 2 weeks.

So that's all my pictures I have to share with you for now.  In the next 2 weeks I'm expecting to have both the new silhouette and the next in the Patchwork Pincushion patterns released, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Until the next time...Happy Stitching!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm glad that you had a great time and the opportunity to do it. Sorry to hear that your hand/wrist have been bothering you.

  2. Wonderful views! Welcome to CA for a very small amount of time! We were happy to have you! LOL
    I love your Wings and Things stitching, the fabric, the colors!