Sunday, September 6, 2009

Featured Etsy Items - 9/6/09

I've decided after last week's post that I will keep my Sunday post with 3-5 featured items vs. just one featured store. I'd like to feature as many other Etsians as possible and as I'm getting more and more followers it would be impossible to feature everyone. I'll be picking my items based upon what I have selected as favorites from my follower's shops and occasionally a few that may not follow but I would just die to be able to buy their items.

I hope you enjoy this week's selection. I have chosen BRACELETS
The first featured bracelet comes from OurSilverLining and is called Linking the Yellow. I love the way it has a classic look to it. I could see wearing it with a classic black dress on a night out. It is currently on sale for just $25.00

The next selection is available from AlmostHeavenDesign. I was in heaven when I first saw this bracelet! Oh how I wish I had money in my PayPal account!! Picture yourself on a beautiful summer day walking through the surf on the beach wearing a simple white sundress with this bracelet as your only accessory.
Our 3rd bracelet is a cute Motherhood picture charm bracelet made by BurningMoon and an extremely reasonable price of $11.25. Remember, Christmas will be here sooner than we think and this would make a fabulous gift for any mom with a picture of her "favorite" child already in it.

Oohhh, my favorite color, green! Check out this Moss Agate & Silver bracelet that is a brand new creation from Deelights I almost squealed with "delight" when she listed it earlier this week! Hmmm, my birthday is tomorrow...who could I get to buy it for me?? LOL!!

Our last item isn't a bracelet, but I wanted to show it off. It is my new Glow in the Dark Skull & Crossbones Halloween Ornament. I'm disappointed that I can't get my camera to get a good picture of it glowing because it is totally cool! If you follow the link to the posting there is a picture of it glowing. The best part of that is, I could use the camera on my cell phone to get the glowing effect, but not my more expensive digital camera with multiple settings.

Hope everyone enjoys the last long weekend of the summer! :)