Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foot Fashion - Part 2

Here is the next segment from the crazy shoes (if you can call them that). Again, the editorial with each photo is what was in the email I received.

Did they borrow this idea from Hannibal Lecter?

Now, I must confess. These might surprise us. They look springy.
You could pogo your way to where you're going.
Learning how to stop might take some experience once you get hopping.

I hope this is a joke. I've never fancied myself looking like one of those half-horse kind of people

If the designer was going for the "big foot" look, they missed.
Looks more like Hobbits' feet. Do they come with flea spray? (And for those of you trying to look closer, yes, that is a Krispy Kreme Donuts logo you see on the shoes!!!)

I hope the lights work on these. You could see where you're walking in the dark. That would be cool.

There is still 12 more pair of "shoes" left to stay tuned for the next post!! :)


  1. They're just bizarre. That's all I can say.

  2. Wild & crazy shoes! I posted boots on my blog on Sunday. They are polka dots. A lady had them on at a show I set up in.

    I hope you'll stop by my blog and comment too!

  3. oh wow, those are very...interesting!!! :)

  4. some great and interesting finds
    those grass ones look soft :)

  5. wow i like the first ones! if i could walk in them i would wear those! haha but walking would be the issue!

  6. That car shoe is actually pretty adorable I would wear it