Sunday, October 21, 2012

Swirled Heart - The Finish

I have another finish today...yay!!  This time it is the model for my pattern "Swirled Heart".

This piece is a relatively quick stitch as it is done in all one color so it will really pop from the fabric you stitch it on.

I'm currently selling the pattern on a pre-order basis with a 33% discount.  I have to finish tweaking it from changes/corrections I made while stitching the model.  If you're interested in purchasing a copy of the pattern, just click the photo below and you'll go straight to the listing in my Etsy shop.

And as always, I'll also be selling the stitched model of the pattern.  This would make a unique Christmas gift for someone, and at only $15.00 it's a real bargain!  If you're interested in getting the model, which there's only the one of, just click the photo.

Now I'm off the computer again to try and get a 2nd project finished up today.  It is my Thanksgiving themed piece that I'm stitching for the Etsy Needle Arts Team (Etsy NEAT) Challenge.  My reveal date is supposed to be Wednesday, so I'd better get to it.

Happy Stitching!


  1. It looks wonderful Kelly!
    Now off to go buy the pattern.....

    1. Thanks Emily! I got your order. :) Check your email on Wednesday night for your pattern.

  2. This really is a wonderful piece, beautifully designed. Congratulations :)


  3. Beautifully designed and finished, Kelly. :)