Monday, May 4, 2015

Tasting New Cultures with Try The World

When my son gets bored and has absolutely nothing else to do, he likes to surf the net and see what kinds of interesting things he can find.  Quiet often I'll log into my email and find links regarding cars, fabulous photography, obscure news from around the world, etc.  A few weeks ago I received an email that was link upon link of sites that you can buy subscription boxes from that contain a variety of food, household goods, crafts, etc.  Being the good mom I am *wink, wink* I checked out each link.  Some of them were things I would probably never buy, and some of them looked interesting, but were too expensive.  Then I clicked on one that looked pretty good.

As part of my new life I've decided I need to be more adventurous with food and going places instead of just working & stitching, so Try the World looked great to me.  I can try new food AND not leave my house, lol!  Actually, if I can try food from new cultures in my own house, I might be more willing to then try a new restaurant that serves that kind of food.  So I figured what would it hurt to use part of my "entertainment" budget to give this a shot.

Last week I received my first box from them.  It was the Marrakesh box.  Once I opened the outer packaging, I found another box inside that looked like Tiffany box of foods.

Who wouldn't want to open a box that looks like this to see what kind of yummy treats it holds inside?!

The first thing I found when I took the lid off was a card describing the products inside and a little booklet telling you about the culture and offering a couple of recipes.

Now that I knew what was in my box, my next step was to remove the packing materials and get down to the goodies.  I already knew there were 6 items in there, but I wanted to see what they were.

I received a package of biscuits/cookies, cous cous sauce, a tin of sardines, a jar of kefta rub, a bottle of argan oil and a box of cous cous.  Fantastic because I've never had ANY of these items.  I texted my son pics and told him I got my first box.  His response..."you need to do a blog post about it".  I agreed, but said I wanted to wait until I tried some of the items first.

Tonight I decided to use both the cous cous and sauce with my dinner.

I browned some ground turkey, added the sauce and put it on top of the cous cous.  It wasn't bad, but I was expecting it to be spicier.  The cous cous reminds me of REALLY dry Cream of Wheat.  I followed the directions on the box, which made 2 servings, and have enough left to make another 4-6 servings.  I think the next time I make it I'll be sure to add it to a vegetable dish that has some sort of dressing with a kick to it.

I'm already looking forward to my next box!  If this is something you'd like to try, just follow this link and save $15.00 on your first purchase.  And if you decide to do it, please share with me what box(es) you get and what you think of them.


  1. We were blessed enough to take a short trip to Morocco. Really loved their food. Their tagines are absolutely mouth watering. Argan oil is touted as a miracle oil. The flavor is a bit too strong for our cooking but it does work wonders when used on the skin. Hope you enjoy all your goodies! :)

    1. I still have used the argan oil, so I have no opinion on that. I honestly never thought of using it on skin. Thanks for the idea! All the goodies have been great. I got a Paris box also, which was even better. I have 2 more boxes in the subscription I bought and can't wait to see what they are!