Sunday, December 13, 2015

Thread-A-Day - Tribal Shamrock THE FINISH

Ahhh...the great feeling that comes with finishing a project.  :)

Yes, the Tribal Shamrock is DONE!  I started it on October 20th and finished it on December 10th.  I made a couple of slight tweaks to the pattern where I thought it was needed.  This is what the finished piece looks like.

The fabric is looking more blue than green in this photo.  I'll send it off for finishing with my next design model(s) and will anxiously await what she does with it.  My instructions will be simple...pillow or wall hanging of some sort, your choice.

And we all know, as soon as you finish one piece, you MUST start a new one.  Not only did I start a new one, but I have my next 3 thread-a-day pieces picked out, along with the required fabrics and flosses.  So you're probably wondering what my next thread-a-day piece is, huh?  Well, here it is:



I'll do updates on this piece here on my blog, but won't really be discussing it on my FB page.  It's a gift for someone.  That person doesn't follow my stitching stuff, but better safe than sorry.  :)

The fabric I'm using is a 28 count Colonial Blue Lugana I had in my stash (remember, I am supposed to be on a "stash diet").  The fiber is an overdyed thread, which I personally think is the best option when doing a piece like this.  It is Needle Necessities #173, which I had to buy, and WILL account for in my stash diet.  I've done two days of stitching on it and really like how the fiber and fabric look together.

So with that, I think it's about time to get off the computer and get on with a full day of stitching.  I just love lazy Sundays!

Until the next time...Happy Stitching! 


  1. Congretson your lovely finish
    Look forward how it is finished finished :)
    Lovely new project
    Instead of a thread a day plan i do a 100 stitches a day on one of my bigger projects :)
    Thanks for the great idea to work every day a bit on 1 project it really makes a difference after working in it for a month :)
    Big hug

    1. I'll be shipping my tribal shamrock off for finishing tomorrow. I'll be sure to share a pic of what it looks like when completed.

      I think 100 stitches a day on a project sounds completely doable. I know when I finish some of these smaller projects and get into some larger ones, I'll have to switch from 1 thread-a-day to a certain amount of time, as it's hard to do just 1 thread when you have confetti stitching.