Friday, July 10, 2009

I had a Facebook Referral?!

So yesterday I signed up for this thing called Google Analytics. For those of you that don't know what it is (I'm still figuring it out), it tracks the traffic on your website. I checked it this morning and since late yesterday afternoon I've had 6 visits to my Etsy store (have to check the forums and see if it tracks me). I was clicking on all the different links to see what info it gives and it shows one of my visits was a referral from a Facebook page...not mine cuz I don't have one. Who ever referred me (if you read my blog)...THANK YOU!!

I didn't get any buyers yesterday, but people are looking. I guess all this pimping I'm doing (excuse me, I mean "promoting") of my store must be working to some degree.

Can't wait to see what it will show tomorrow!


  1. I love your cross stitch work. I did quite a bit before my first daughter was born to decorate the nursery, but haven't since (20 years have passed).

    Your Analytics will count your own visits, unless to set it not to. I found a helpful thread on Etsy forums a while back. I think if you run a search you can find some help.

    Have a great weekend with lots of views and sales!
    Lea Ann

  2. Hey, I had trouble understanding google anaylytics. I was referred to this link, which is a tutitorial. It's awesome!! Google analytics is great. You'll love what it can do. Just click on the arrow, and it will take you right into it.

  3. Why aren't my comments published? Use this tutitorial to help you understand Google analytics. It sure helped me.

  4. Thanks for the links! I definitely check them out.

  5. Sorry about the comments not being published. I'm still working on learning this whole blogging thing and just figured out this morning how to turn of the "moderation" where I have to approve a comment before it gets posted.
    It's fixed now so all comments should automatically be posted. :)

  6. Here's the link to Timothy Adams. Great info on google analytics:

  7. My Etsy shop has referrals from those emails Etsy sends out...which is odd because I've never been directly mentioned. But it it does reveal *how* people are getting to your shop! I find that very interesting!