Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vinyl Aida

I was at JoAnn's yesterday on my lunch picking up a few colors of needed floss with a co-worker/stitching friend. We were looking at different fabrics, etc. trying to brainstorm ideas on things to make for my shop when we found Vinyl Aida. Neither of us knew what to use it for and I had just seen it the first time about 2 weeks ago. The only thing we could think of to use it for is something for outside. I instantly said, would I want to stitch something to put outside on my patio and get ruined? I decided to do some quick research this morning and this is what I found compliments of

Stitching Surface
Vinyl Aida is typically available in 14-count and 18-count sizes.
Characteristics of Vinyl Aida
Vinyl Aida can be cut or folded making it great for 3-D projects. Vinyl Aida will not rip, fray, or shrink making it great for magnets, placemats, bookmarks and similar cross stitch projects. Vinyl Aida is durable.
Using Vinyl Aida
Although it may take a few moments to become accustomed to the stiffness of Vinyl Aida, stitch on the vinyl just as you would on regular
Aida fabric. Vinyl Aida is compatible with all Cross Stitch patterns.

Very interesting stuff.


  1. I love JoAnns...could go everyday :)
    A bookmark would be awesome with that fabric!

  2. A waterproof apron would be cool out of that fabric.

  3. How about christmas tree ornaments?

    I'm not suggesting you copy this, but just to get the creative juices going, how about stitching some type of jar wraparound, then fill the jar - maybe specialty coffee, tea, cocoa... something kind of along these lines:

    Or, something to wrap around a small flower pot. It could be a package deal of a pot, wrapped in a stitched herb theme, small pouch of potting soil and some herb seeds?