Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Gonna be a Long Day...

I love my dogs! I love my dogs! I love my dogs! I think that will be my mantra for today.

We are the proud owner of two dogs...Max & Lobo. Max (he is my avatar pic) is a golden retrieve/chow mix around 11-years-old and was a stray my husband brought home from work just a few weeks after we were married. Lobo was 9 in April and was an innocent trip to PetSmart to buy vitamins for Max and is a big 130 pound black lab/boxer mix that is one HUGE baby!

We are starting to think that the onset of old age is catching up with one or both of them.

Just last week my husband cleaned our living room carpet. He came home on Monday after the dogs had only been left alone for 2-3 hours and found one of them had left a not-so-nice mess on the floor. Needless to say, he was a little ticked! It has been happening more & more lately and of course they both look guilty when we find it so we don't know who the culprit is.

Lobo has been having hip problems for about the last 2 years. The dogs have always slept in our room with us, which is upstairs. He now has many nights he doesn't want to climb the stairs so he will sleep on the couch, office floor, wherever.

Well, about 2:30 this morning I hear him clomping up the wooden stairs to our room, panting all the way. The trick is to lay there and see if he is going to flop himself at the top of the stairs and go to sleep or come over to wake one of us up because he has to go outside. Tonight he had to go out.

I get out of bed and of course Max is the first one down the stairs (he would prefer to be outside all the time if we let him). I went down and stood at the bottom waiting for Lobo, as he stood at the top just staring at me. I turned the hall light on so he could see better and what does the butthead do...turns around and goes over to the bed and lays on the floor by my husband. I had to go back upstairs and make him go down.

This time I stood at the top until he started down the stairs. As he gets to the bottom, instead of heading towards the side door, he goes the opposite way and went to the office to lay down! I had to go get him by the collar and almost drag him outside.

Normally they go and do their business and come right back to the side door (they have about 7,000 sq. feet of fenced in yard) to be let back in. I'm standing there dogs. I turn on the spotlight for the garage, which sometimes will make them come to the door, still no dogs. I go outside and they are both just laying in the grass under a tree enjoying the nice weather!!!!

After getting them back in the house, spending my requisite 1 hour WIDE AWAKE in bed trying not to toss & turn and wake up my husband I gave up and came downstairs. I guess it will be another day of going to work with only 4 hours of sleep. I think it may be my curse to make up for having a child that slept ALL NIGHT starting at the age of 5-weeks-old and to this day at the age of 17 only gets up if he is sick.

Again, the mantra of the day...I love my dogs! :)


  1. Thanks for the laugh Kel! Only 368 days till the fabulous drinking fest! (Doesn't mean we can't do one sooner!)