Thursday, January 24, 2013

EtsyNEAT January Challenge Submission

As the winner of the October/November EtsyNEAT Creative Challenge, I got to pick the theme for the December/January challenge.  I decided on "winter sports" as the theme.  I even had a great new silhouette that I was going to do the pattern for and use the model of my stitched piece.  In fact the black fabric and aquamarine colored metallic floss I used for my cat silhouette model was s259upposed to be used for this challenge.

Alas, how things change.  I picked up issue #259 of CrossStitcher Magazine and was enjoying thumbing through it when I got to the cute series they did of this Eskimo girl, some penguins and a polar bear.  I instantly knew I had to stitch the Eskimo girl.  I mean ice fishing is a "winter sport" (at least in my view) and I even had a package of Charles Craft Grasshopper fabric already in my stash...the perfect fabric to use!!

The only thing I would have done differently, and am kicking myself for not thinking of it until AFTER I had the piece completely stitched and "framed" in the hoop, is I should have used some opalescent blending filament, similar to the ribbon I used, in with all the white stitching for the snow to make it pop off the fabric a little more.  Maybe the next time.

And of course this piece is for sale in my Etsy shop, so if you're interested in getting it for yourself or as a gift for someone, just click the photo to go to the listing.  :)


  1. That's really cute. Do you have a link to see the entries for the Winter Sports challenge?

    1. Thanks Debbie and not yet. Submissions can be made through Saturday. Once they share the link where we can see all the entries I'll be sure to share it. :)