Sunday, July 5, 2015

Instant Download Cross Stitch Patterns Available Again!

Sometimes being a business owner brings difficult decisions with it.  Last year I stopped offering PDF downloads due to copyright violations.  Now I understand that some people feel it's OK to share patterns regardless of what form it's in, but if it's a printed copy they at least need to go to a little more work to scan it before sharing it.

I have one wholesaler I work with, and that's one that takes care of the printing for me.  Unfortunately there are a group of brick & mortar shops out there that feel they can deal with one wholesaler only (not mine) and that's it.  I've received quite a few requests from stitchers that patronize those shops, or ones that live outside the United States, to find another way to get my designs.  That left me with two options...1) start printing patterns myself and ship to another wholesaler, which is NOT anywhere near being cost or time effective for me, or 2) go back to PDF / instant downloads.  I decided to go the instant download route.  And no, re-opening my Etsy shop was not included in option #2.

About two weeks ago I started uploading my designs to Patterns Online.  This will be a slow process as many of the patterns will need converted into a new file format, as well as the photos all needing to be resized.  I will eventually get them all uploaded, so just keep checking back.  If you want to see what is currently available, just click here.  All future designs will be uploaded to POL the same time as I release it to my wholesaler.  

You can always find links on where to get my designs on the "Where to Buy" tab on my homepage.  I also include a link to this tab each day on my Facebook page with the Design of the Day posts.

As always, thanks so much for all your support and Happy Stitching!

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