Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Sweet Surprise

I came home from work yesterday and had a surprise.  Well, sort of a surprise as I had already been alerted to be looking for a package.

This is part of what I received in the package:
OMG!!!  I'm hooked!!!  For anyone that really knows me, you know I have one true addiction (outside of cross stitch) and that's chocolate.  And dark chocolate is my favorite!!  Not only did I have a bag of these delectable little pieces of heaven, but the entire box was full of misc. French chocolates, bon bons and biscuits (or as we call them here the The States...cookies!).  It was my birthday gift from a friend of mine that recently went to France to visit her parents on the way to start a new job in the Middle East that has since fallen through.   The job change is bad news for her, but good news for me because that means I'll get more French goodies in the future.  And no, I'm not that heartless of a friend that I'm only worried about chocolate.  She's actually changed career fields, is staying in France and is happier then she's been in years!  :)

Sorry, I digressed.  Now back to the chocolate.  I don't know what ANY of it is because all the packaging is in French.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to google all of them before I open them, or just dig in and be surprised.  What I do know is I'm going to have to crank up my workouts to battle all the extra calories I'll be eating, lol!

With that, I'm off to have a chocolate w/my cup of tea before getting ready for work.  Mmmmmmm!!!


  1. Yeah, the only downside is that you can't stitch and eat chocolate at the same time. Gotta keep your fabric free of nastiness. Actually, that might be a benefit and good for the diet. If I'm stitchin I'm not eatin.

    1. At least they're individually wrapped so I don't even have to touch them. Just unroll and pop in my mouth, lol! :)