Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sand Sculpting...Art for Big Kids!

I think just about every person at one point in their life attempts to build a sand castle.  Mine never turned out so well.  I mean how hard can it be to take a bucket of sand and make it stay in the same shape as the upside down bucket, if you can get it to come out of the bucket the right way?  Evidently it's pretty hard for some of us as mine were either too wet and slid back down into the sand or were too dry and blew over.  

I'm amazed by the talent & skill some sand artists have that produces awe inspiring, massive sand sculptures.  One of the items on my "bucket list" is to make it to one of those amazing sand sculpture festivals they have around the world (downside of living in N.E. Ohio...we have nothing that cool going on!).  Until I strike it rich in the lottery, I'll be forced to look at pictures of them online.  

I've found a great article through that has photos of 88 fantastic sculptures.  I've included some of them here for you to ooh and aah over.  If you'd like to see more of them, just click here and you'll go to the photo gallery of them.

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