Sunday, August 5, 2012


I mean really, who in their right mind doesn't like cake?  LOL!

I love eating cake and the artistic side of me is completely amazed with what bakers, cake sculptors, whatever you want to call them can do with fondant & frosting.

One of my favorite websites is Cake Wrecks.  Monday through Saturday they feature the "terrible" cakes (and cupcakes) we all know exist.  On Sunday, the day I like best on their site, they do a feature they call Sunday Sweets.  This is where they feature all the beautiful, gorgeous, to-die-for cakes that cost an absolute fortune, but as so well worth it!

This is my favorite cake, well it's technically cupcakes, from today's post. It's an amazing cupcake bouquet from Mimi's Cakes & Bakes. If you'd like to drool over more of her glorious creations, just click the photo.  Oh, and don't forget your napkin, lol!  :)

Now, who wants cake?

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