Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pattern of the Week - August 11, 2012

I thought for this week's pattern I'd feature one that has been on my wishlist for over 1 year now.  

I'm totally and completely in awe of the blackwork designing talents of Elizabeth Almond at Blackwork Journey!!!

She has 24 pages of blackwork charts (not counting all the pages of free ones!)  As I was scrolling through the pages of charts last year after I came across her site via a Google search, I found this beauty....Celtic Autumn.  

There are actually 4 separate patterns, one for each season.  I love them all!!  I can see them stitched side by side in a row and framed on my living room wall.  My only problem...I never seem to set aside stitching time for ME.  Y'all know everything I stitch is either a gift or goes in my shop.  

Heck, I have a birthday coming up in less than 1 month and my mom asked what I wanted for my gift.  Maybe I should direct her to the website (well, technically my dad since my mom doesn't use the computer) and tell her I want the patterns for all 4 seasons.  If I actually have the patterns instead of just looking at them online I might be more apt to stitch them.

Either way, please take a moment to check out Elizabeth's shop as I'm sure you'll be just as enamored with with designs as I am.

Happy stitching!


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