Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life After the "Back to School" Years

I was driving to work this morning and saw kids standing outside waiting for the school bus (it's the first day of school for many districts in my area).  I realized this is the first August since 1997 that I haven't had to go shopping for school supplies, new shoes & clothes, etc.

Am I sad about that?  No!

Am I happy about that?  Not really.

Am I feeling old?  Yes!  LOL!

(CORRECTION - OMG!  I AM getting old!!  I was reminded by my friend today at lunch that this ISN'T the first year of no back to school for me...it was last year!  I'm so off on my years & time.  It was August 30th of last year that Zach left for basic training.  *sigh* I guess my memory will only get worse from here.  They're right when they say it's all down hill after 40!  LOL!)

I guess this is just another phase in being a parent.  They grow up, finish school, move out of the house (sometimes they come back) and get on with being an adult.  Instead of helping with homework I'm now giving advice on car repairs, paycheck budgeting, etc.  Either way, I cherish every day as a parent to a super awesome son and look forward to all the new phases in parenting.

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