Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jazzed Up Desk Accessories

Recently I saw a photo (Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest?  Who knows.  Too many social media outlets, lol!) of where someone had taken yarn and cross stitched on some wire mesh office accessories.  I thought it was pretty neat, but didn't like the "chunky" look of the yarn they had used.  I immediately decided this was something I needed to try, but with regular floss!

So this past week I made a trip to the office supply store on my way home from work to take a look around at what they might have.  I settled on two different paper clip bowls, a smaller and a larger one.  I was in need of a break from the various orders & pattern models I've been stitching and decided these would be something "mindless" I could work on quickly.  I was right.  Each one of them took me a total of about 4 hours of stitching time; which included picking colors of floss, deciding on the pattern, etc.

I've included a few pictures below of the finished pieces, including one picture that shows various uses for the bowls.  Now to just decide if I keep them or sell them?  Hmmm...


  1. What a great idea! I'm going to look at wire mesh type objects in a whole new way now. So many possibilities to cross stitch on anything with a grid!

    1. You're right Debbie - anything with a grid can easily be stitched on. I've been trying to think outside of the fabric box when I'm looking at things. You never know what you might find. :)

  2. Those are indeed fine pieces! Cheap office supplies can always look great when you can add some art in them. Bravo to your stitching skills!