Friday, August 3, 2012

Freebie Friday - August 3, 2012

For today's Freebie Friday I'll be giving away 2 original Joan Elliot cross stitch charts.  One is "Magic Dragon" and the other is "Love's Promise".  

As stated, these are both original charts, so there's no copyright violations going on, as that's something as a designer I would never do.

If you're interested in winning these charts, leave a comment below (all comments must be left on this blog post.  Comments left on Facebook or Twitter won't count) and be sure I know how to contact you in case you're the winner.

The deadline to enter is Wednesday, August 8th and the winner will be announced on Thursday, August 9th.

Good luck!  :)


  1. Beautiful charts! Maybe I'll be as good as that one day! I would love a chance to win these!

    1. Congrats Gail, you are the winner! Blog post announcing it will be published at 7:30am EST this morning announcing it. Since I already have your address, I'll get these in the mail to you on my next trip to the PO on Saturday. :)

  2. They are both great!! I would like a chance to win!

  3. Love the Magic Dragon! Just started getting back into cross stitch and totally forgot how relaxing it is.

  4. Super cute. I.don't see many dragon charts.

  5. Those are great! I love the dragon! I hardly ever find great dragon charts. I can't wait to get the fabrics I ordered from your shop! It is on it's way! I'm so excited!