Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is There Anyone Out There?

I know, it's been entirely way too long since I've blogged about anything and I wouldn't blame any of you if you've stopped looking at my blog over the past several months.  Unfortunately working two jobs and running Stitchnmomma leaves little time for things like blogging, exercising, reading, etc.  However, I'm going to have more free time on my hands, so I'll be back.  

A lot has happened in the past several months.  I've started selling my cross stitch patterns with a wholesaler, I've stopped making items and selling at the galleries that would only sell my items on a "consignment" basis and I've put back on about 1/3 of the weight that I worked so hard to take off a few years ago.  If you follow my Facebook page, you know about all the other little things also, as I do post there on a daily basis since that's where the majority of my fans are at.

I've decided since spring SHOULD be here (Yes Mother Nature, I'm talking to you!) and I'm going to have some more time on my hands, that it's time to get serious about doing things for ME.  I miss feeling well.  I miss having the time to prepare & eat healthy foods.  I miss my outdoor walks and bike rides and doing pilates.  I miss having the time to read a book or stitch something I want to stitch just because.  Yes, I am going to be self-centered here, lol!

I don't know how many of you have seen the movie Julie & Julia.  I recently watched the movie and actually felt inspired by it.  No, I'm not going to cook my way through a Julia Child cookbook, as yummy as that might be.  Instead, I'm going to do something on the healthy side.  Being a realist, I know I don't have time to do even one new recipe a day, so I'm going to commit myself to making one new HEALTHY recipe per week.  With a new recipe a week I'll soon have a larger variety of dishes to put into my daily menus.  And I'm going to share those here, along with the progress on the rest of the weight I want to lose (see my new ticker along the top of my blog).  I figure if I put it in writing, there has to be at least one person of the 240+ that currently follow my blog that will help hold me accountable.  I'm going to use recipes I'm finding on Pinterest, in cookbooks I currently have and any that you, my readers, want to share with me.  

For those of you that may not care about what I'm eating, I'll be posting plenty of pics of my stitching stuff too.  Not only am I working on new pattern models, but I'm also going back and restitching some of my older patterns so they can be finished and photographed by Rita at Snowberry Needlearts to give them a lovely professional look prior to listing them with my wholesaler. 

Oh, and if you like to read, I'll probably share some too about any recent books I've finished.  I recently found the Mitford series by Jan Karon and am currently working on the 5th book.  I'm also in the middle of reading the Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben. Yes, there's a wide variety of books out there that grab my attention, so you never know what book (no electronic devices here) you'll see me carrying around.

Do you have a favorite healthy recipe?  Share it in the comments below and if it sounds appealing I'll try it and let you know what I think.

Do you have a favorite LNS where you'd like to be able to buy hard copies of my patterns?  Feel free to drop their name and city and I'll see what I can do.

In fact, feel free to share ANYTHING in the comments below.  I always enjoy conversing with my friends/fans/followers!

And with that, it's after 1pm here and my stomach is growling.  I think that means I should probably figure out what I'm going to eat that's healthy since all I've had today is cookies and m&m's for breakfast.  Hey, I had to get it all out of the way before I committed to being a better, healthier person.  Ciao!

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