Sunday, July 22, 2012

My First Piece

Do you remember your first piece of needlework?  Do you still have it or is it long gone?

I still have my first piece I ever made.  Granted, I had to pull it out of a box in my closet to take a picture for this post, but I still have it.  :)

It is a small needlepoint pillow, measuring about 5 inches square, that I stitched when I was about 6-years-old, so about 35 years ago.  I remember sitting with my dad at the table designing it.  We had the piece of canvas and quilting markers.  He colored off the design on the canvas for me as I told him where I wanted the colors and what shapes I wanted them to be. If I remember correctly, the colors of yarn I had to choose from were what my mom had leftover from a previous project(s).

I remember being so proud of it when I was finished.  Now I look at it and chuckle thinking how elementary it looks and all the mistakes I made, lol!  It's all OK though, because this one little piece is what started my passion for stitching that has stuck with me through the years and continues to grow as I age.

Feel free to share what your first piece was in the comments section.  I'd love to hear about them!

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  1. It's an amazing project for a six year old! I still have my first project. A cross stitch birth sampler I designed myself. I was 15, though. Like you, I used left over materials from my Mom.