Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Thought Provoking Fortune

I think just about everyone enjoys getting a fun fortune in your fortune cookies.  There's some I've kept over the years, some I've taken pics of and sent to a friend because I thought it was funny, true, etc. and others I've just thought "whatever" and thrown away.

Well, this is a picture a fortune I got a couple of days ago, and I found it rather thought provoking.  We've all had that interview question of "Where do you find yourself in 5 or 10 years?" and you honestly want to answer "Definitely not working for you!" but you smile and give some politically correct answer you think they'll be impressed with.  But have you ever had someone ask you what you think you'll be THINKING in 10 years?  No, neither have I, which is why I liked this fortune so much.  I've actually been thinking about what I'll be thinking of in 10 years (and I think I'm doing too much thinking, lol!).

So with that I'll stop thinking and leave you to think about what you'll be thinking about in 10 years.  :)