Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pattern of the Week - September 15, 2012

I've been trying to figure out all week what lovely needlework item I'd be featuring as pattern of the week.  I've been really indecisive as there are so many that I like.  There hasn't been any one thing that has jumped out at me.  I've been looking at fall themes, christmas, silhouettes, animals and so on.  And across all types of stitching; cross stitch, blackwork, needlepoint, etc.

Well last night I was catching up on my blog reading for the week and came across this fun piece...

Christmas on the Beach by Dimensions

It's bright & cheery and is someplace I'd rather be than chilly N.E. Ohio (yeah, after the record high temps of this summer the 60's are now feeling chilly).  And of course you know I've found it at my favorite online shop, well 2nd favorite to Stitchnmomma, lol...123Stitch!  The entire 5x7 kit is now only $9.94!!  Just click the picture and you'll be taken right to the listing where you can buy it, or add it to you ever-growing wish list like I have.

Happy shopping...and stitching!


  1. I have admired this design for quite awhile and bought the kit a few months ago. I haven't started it yet, but I'm so happy to have it in my stash!

    1. I'll have to make sure I keep an eye on your blog Debbie for WIP pics once you get it started. :)