Sunday, September 23, 2012

Such Tiny Art

I will be the first to admit, all my posts are not entirely original ideas.  When I see something fantastic on the internet sometimes I just have to share it.  That's the case in today's post.

Yesterday Etsy posted a picture of a penny with a link on their Facebook page.  It was such a beautiful penny I had to click the link to find out more.

It turns out there is an artist named Jacqueline Lou Skaggs that paints these tiny, beautiful pictures on pennies she finds.  They are absolutely amazing!  I can't paint anything, let alone get a beautiful scene or portrait on a penny!

I mean can you imagine getting such detail like this on a penny?

She has a total of 12 paintings in her penny series names the Tondi Observations.  I would highly suggest clicking any of the links in the post so you can see all 12 of them.  :)

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