Sunday, September 16, 2012

Saturdays in the Fall

I thought I'd give everyone an inside look at what Saturdays are like in the Stitchnmomma household in the fall....

Lots & lots of College Football, with the Ohio State Buckeyes being the team of choice.  Yesterday was followed by the Navy v. Penn State game, then Florida v. Tennessee and finally Texas (hook 'em horns!) v. Ole Miss.  Man, that's a tiring day, lol!

With homemade pizza and typically plenty of other unhealthy food.

Sometimes stitching happens, and sometimes it doesn't, as was the case yesterday.  The Bucks game was just way too exciting with tons of action!!  I don't know how much stitching will be done today either since the girls are coming over for our monthly stitch-in.

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